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While we tout our expertise and leader-of-the-pack quality, we think that our customers speak for themselves !

“Scott runs Game Center Group as a lean, mean customer support group. I was initially wary of outsourcing support, but we decided to give it a try, and the results have been fantastic. Scott and his team are responsive, communicative, and highly professional. Game Center Group is also the best value we’ve found in onshored support solutions. When I first saw their prices, my immediate reaction was “what’s the catch?” After working with Scott for several months, I can comfortably say there’s no catch – Game Center Group delivers high-quality scalable support at extremely reasonable rates, and will continue to be a key business partner of KIXEYE for years to come.” July 1, 2012.

Matt McComb

"Game Center Group provides excellent service for Cryptic and Atari. His staff is very knowledge about the MMO business and provide excellent billing and customer support. I would recommend Game Center Group to anyone looking to improve their support operations." -

Richard Silva - Cryptic Studios

"Game Center Group was great to work with while I was the Game Services manager at True Games. His staff was very knowledgeable and provided top notch service to our customers. The service provided was seamless. The customers never knew they were dealing with an outsourced company. I would recommend Game Center Group to anyone who is looking for a CS team but does not have been overhead to have them in house." -

Jason Hartung - TrueGames

"Working with Game Center Group was a real pleasure. Their knowledge of the games industry, great value proposition and commitment to excellence made them a valuable partner for me at Cryptic Studios. I would definitely hire Game Center Group again." -

Gary Catalano - Cryptic Studios

"When it comes to CRM related matters and associated technology this is the guy that you need working with you. I've known Scott for a number of years and apart from being very easy to get along with he and his company's knowledge and experience of customer support, community management and the technology around that is second to none." -

Ben Wibberley

"Scott and his business (Game Center Group) are Geniuses in the MMO Support Industry. The technology that they are employing to support their clients is awesome and I am glad that are handling support calls to some of the games out there. I absolutely recommend GCG for your Support Center needs." -

Jason Buck

"Game Center Group has been an incredible resource as a business partner and solutions provider for my consulting firm. His efficiency and professionalism have been superior. I recommend Scott for any of my clients that require the services he provides." -

Michael Salvadore

"Scott and the team from Game Center Group did an excellent job for us at Real-time Worlds. When we looked at the potential to staff our MMO customer support solution, they gave invaluable advice about tool specification, fraud, security and the cost of setup. His team worked well with our developers and I would definitely recommend them to folks who would be looking for similar services on their online titles." -

Mario Rizzo - Real Time Worlds

"You just made my favorite tech support person of the month. Give yourself a big pat on the back. :) Thank you for writing back so soon and having the correct fix. Problem Solved. Thanks again."


"I'm very impressed with your speedy replies. Thanks so much to the both of you. You've won the support of a satisfied customer. I would definitely buy another South Peak game again! :)"


"Thank you for your support! I decided to just replace the DVD drive for a new one and the new one loaded the game. YOU WERE RIGHT -----DOESN'T THAT FEEL GOOD?"


"Thanks very much for all your help, you are a star! I can now take Two Worlds on holiday on my laptop :) Regards and Thanks,"


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