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At Game Center Group, we strive to bring the best of the best directly to you and realize that being the best means looking within first. We take customer support very seriously and our team efficiently conquers anything that comes their way. Over 95% of all GCG agents have over 3 years customer support experience and most of that time has been with us! Our overall churn rate for staff is under 2%! We are on top of our game at all times and are ready to leverage our knowledge, our experience and our extreme value to your process.

Game Center Group has set the bar high for our team, and they continue to excel. We staff/hire blended support agents, trained by the best in the industry. All are well versed in channels of support, whether it be technical, billing, community, in-game, phone, chat, or email. We staff mother tongue speakers for your language needs and have put into place many tried and true quality review processes to ensure that your process is at the highest levels and your customers are receiving world class support. What are you waiting for give us a call today and take advantage of our no commitment pilot program allowing you to "try before you buy".

We are so sure of our value proposition that we will connect you with existing clients…take their word for it Game Center Group leads the way.

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