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Domestic Efficiency

Game Center Group offers something that off-shore call centers simply can't: Domestic Efficiency.

If you want a company that can jump into and solve your customer support needs immediately, please feel free to Contact Us.

An off-shore process, while competitive in pricing, often brings with it headaches not encountered in a domestic operation. The MMO business is a complicated one to those outside the industry, full of terms and concepts that simply aren't known to those not part of the gaming culture. This results in a rather large learning curve for off-shore processes, especially in those where traditionally gaming culture is totally non-existent. This learning curve is rather sharp, and it could take your company upwards of a year and as many as two to surmount it.

Beyond having to establish a gaming culture in your off-shore process, you will also encounter complications from the wider general cultural gap. Problems with communication, different ways of approaching tasks, and value systems unique to that culture (for instance, certain terms may be considered epithets that we might not, and other terms might be treated with a straight face while we recoil in horror), will also considerably slow down your processes' ramp-up time.

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